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The innovative site, including the practical "lightbox" feature that enables Wilhelmina's bookers and clients to organize selected talent into project folders that can be saved and emailed to their clients. (We also offer this feature on!)

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Did you see Davide Cernuschi’s photo shoot of Ashanti in the last issue of Vibe? Check out more of the photos and a behind the scenes video from the shoot on his new Web site. Click here to go to!

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Models Section
View portfolios of professional and aspiring models. Visit top agency Web sites. Search our free database of modeling and talent agencies worldwide. Learn about events in your area, and find out where to get discovered. Locate modeling industry resources and purchase supplies. | GO! |

Photographers Section
View online portfolios of professional photographers. Find photography representatives around the world. Locate labs, studios, stock agencies and galleries. | GO! |

Production Section
View multimedia portfolios of production personnel. Find production companies, post production facilities, equipment and supply companies, support services, unions and associations. | GO! |

Style Section
View online portfolios of professional stylists, hair and make-up artists, and manicurists. Locate style representatives around the world. | GO! |

Actors Section
View headshots, resumes, audio and video of professional and aspiring actors. Visit top agency Web sites. Search our free database of talent agencies. | GO! |

Dance Section
View online portfolios, resumes and video of professional dancers. Find performing groups, schools, choreographers and organizations worldwide. | GO! |

Music Section
View multimedia portfolios of musicians. Find record labels, film and video production companies, directors and songwriters. | GO! |

Fashion Section
Find event producers, public relation firms, designers, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, manufacturers and media resources. | GO! |

Art Section
View online portfolios of artists. Find galleries, event listings and art schools. | GO! |


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